Is a Motorcycle Worth it? Are Motorcycles Worth the Risk?

Motorcycles are some of the most fascinating vehicles that people love riding. People use motorcycles for commuting, sports such as racing, long-distance travelling, and cruising.

This article will help you evaluate whether motorcycles are worth it and what makes them a good investment.

Is a Motorcycle Worth It?

A motorcycle is definitely worth it since it helps you experience positive emotions like freedom, joy, and thrill. Motorcycles are worthwhile as they will help you explore your passions, make lifelong friends and understand yourself better.

Anybody who has driven a motorcycle before; can easily tell you about the thrill and freedom that can only be experienced on a motorcycle.

The roar of the powerful engine, the feeling of weightlessness, the quick acceleration and thrill of taking sharp turns is an addicting, memorable, and worthwhile experience.

Motorcycles require a whole new level of concentration and focus that cars and electric scooters do not need.

When riding a motorcycle you can let your mind wander but not for too long. It is a very involving experience as motorcyclists remember most of their riding experiences.

Each time you ride you will experience a thrill and an adrenaline rush that is unique to motorcycles.

In every ride, you will learn something new; you will grow in ways you least expect. Ask any motorcyclist.

The first few times of riding a motorcycle will be extremely intimidating. Getting the gears, brakes, accelerator, handles and your body in sync will take a few tries.

But once you master the basics you will surely agree why owning and riding a motorcycle is so worth it.

is a motorcycle worth it?

Furthermore, it will allow you to make lifelong friends with individuals who share your interests. The bond between two passionate motorcyclists is unique and surreal.

Joining a motorcycle club will allow you to experience the fun and joy with fellow motorcycle enthusiasts.

You can discuss motorcycle auctions, maintenance, equipment, and more importantly, try out other motorcycle models.

Even if you are planning to buy a motorcycle for commuting; it is definitely worth it.

A motorcycle will help you reach your destinations quicker and will be more fuel-efficient than a car, especially if it is an older model.

A Motorcycle will help you save so much time when commuting. You could lane split (if the laws allow) and park for significantly cheaper and less hassle.

Generally, motorcycles have lower maintenance than cars and often cost less at the time of purchase.

The financial reasons are quite self-explanatory when considering whether motorcycles are worth it or not.

The thrill and fun associated with riding a motorcycle can only be experienced and no words would do justice.

Ask any motorcyclist about, “motorcycle therapy,” and just see the glint in their eyes.

Are Motorcycles worth the Risk?

Motorcycles are inherently dangerous and significantly more hazardous than cars and other vehicles. If motorcyclists wear safety equipment, take proper training, and refrain from high-risk stunts then motorcycles are definitely worth the risk.

There is no doubt about motorcycles being one of the riskiest vehicles and having a high level of danger being associated with them.

Motorcyclists are involved in a larger number of accidents and casualties when compared to car drivers.

The freedom, joy, and enjoyment a motorcyclist experiences, are emotions they cannot undergo elsewhere.

Cars are merely utilitarian devices; motorcycles drip soul, passion, and energy.

People die in elevators when they catch flu and viruses, and by smoking and drinking; yet they continue to partake in these activities.

Similarly, motorcyclists recognize the risk involved; but the upsides of a motorcycle make them worth the risk.

Much of the danger motorcyclists face can easily be managed. By getting proper training, wearing safety equipment, riding when weather conditions and visibility are favourable, and refraining from unnecessary stunts can significantly reduce the probability of an accident.

It’s a decision you will have to put a lot of thought in.

Every time a motorcyclist puts on a helmet and gloves he acknowledges the risk and danger.

A motorcyclist believes living life to the fullest with considerable dangers is better than leading a boring and mundane life where one has safety and protection. A motorcyclist must not let fear paralyze him.

Are Motorcycles Good Investments?

Motorcycles are very good investments since they allow fuel-efficient travel, save motorcyclists a lot of time, and are relatively cheap investments for the value, adventure and enjoyment they provide.

Motorcyclists are more fuel-efficient than cars and other vehicles. The fuel efficiency is even more significant when considering older motorcycles with lower cubic capacity(cc).

Furthermore, the rate of depreciation of motorcycles is quite reasonable since older motorcycle models are still in demand.

Motorcycles have minimal maintenance and most of it can be done in your own garage.

In addition to the above benefits, the parking expenses of a motorcycle are quite low.

Motorcycles are easier to manoeuvre and cut-through traffic, especially during peak hours. They are also extremely useful when running small errands.

The reason some people prefer cars, vans, and trucks is because they have families, need to carry large loads in their vehicles, or desire a safer option for commuting.

All these are reasonable explanations of why a motorcycle might not be a great investment but it is definitely a good one.

Is Buying a New Motorcycle Worth It?

Buying a new motorcycle is partly worth it, as the new motorcycle’s engine will last longer, you will pay less for maintenance and fuel, and it will have all bells and whistles. However, new motorcycles depreciate and lose value very quickly.

New motorcycles depreciate very quickly and they can potentially lose 30% of their value in less than 2 years. This is assuming no major accidents or problems with the motorcycle.

On the flip side, new motorcycles are more fuel-efficient and cost little in maintenance.

Any upcoming issues would be covered by the warranty. So you can ride hassle-free. Motorcycles are also at their smoothest when brand new.

A new motorcycle will allow you to get all the advanced features such as led lighting which improves visibility, accurate GPS, Bluetooth connected gloves, cruise control, semi-active suspension, and tire pressure, monitors.

These attributes will increase your safety and overall enjoyability.

In addition to all the above benefits, you will be able to handpick the model you want. Newer models of motorcycles will easily be available at most motorcycle showrooms.

Is Buying an Old Motorcycle Worth it?

Buying an old motorcycle is definitely worth it, as long as it is in good condition, has covered a reasonable number of miles, is a product of a reliable motorcycle company, and has not been involved in any major accident.

Most potential buyers look for a motorcycle that has low mileage. This is not necessarily a good idea.

An old, low mileage motorcycle can mean it was owned by an unpassionate owner, who let the bike sit for too long, and was not bothered with its maintenance. Do not go for such bikes.

Instead, go for old bikes that are well-maintained, are made by reliable companies such as the Harveys, and are under 50,000 miles.

Bikes with over 50,000 miles should be considered; as long as you can readily find spare parts for that particular model.

If the motorcycle has faced any major accident then you should carefully examine the bike and take it for several test rides before committing.

Many older motorcycles have stood the test of time, and have held their value over the decades.

A high-quality bike from the eighties or nineties is a much better choice than a cheap and relatively newer model.

Finding the specific model and make of an old motorcycle will a great challenge.

My recommendation when buying older bikes is to purchase from somebody who is passionate about his motorcycles and takes great care of them.

Is an Electric Motorcycle Worth It?

An electric motorcycle is partly worth it, since they are relatively better for the environment, cost less per mile, require lesser maintenance, and are safer than their gas counterparts. However, the roar, power, and freedom that gas motorcycles provide will make you rethink your decision.

Electric motorcycles are great machines for utilitarian purposes such as commuting and travelling. They are easy to ride and require minimal maintenance.

They are much safer as they have a lower centre of gravity.

Moreover, electric bikes can last much longer on a single battery charge than gas bikes on a full tank. Another upside of Electric bikes is their ability to instantly start.

Electric bikes require a significantly larger investment than gas motorcycles. They will only provide a better ROI (return on investment) if you travel for many hours and commute long distances.

But they generally miss out on the adrenaline rush gas bikes can provide. It is a compromise that you will have to consider carefully.


Motorcycles are no child’s play. You should only consider them if you are serious and acknowledge the risks involved.

I would recommend trying out several motorcycles and see if you genuinely enjoy yourself, before committing to this sport.

You can borrow and test a friend or family member’s bike before deciding whether this is for you.

Do not buy a new bike if you are not sure about your future with motorcycling; since once a bike is driven out of a dealer’s shop, it instantly loses 10% or more of its value.

Most motorcyclists can attest to the addicting nature of bikes. The first few times are intimidating, but hang in there and in no time you will be a professional.

Most of the risk associated with biking can be managed; so wear the safety equipment each time and make sure you enrol in proper training when starting out. Good Luck!